Each time slot is only for one person. Please arrive with hair washed and dried. If on arrival hair is in an unfit condition (excessive dandruff, products, sores, etc.) you will be charged an additional $15 fee with a hair wash service or refused service all together. On arrival, please text: (877) 795-6457 to check in. You will receive a reply once my chair is available for you. You will be allowed a 15-minute-tardy window. If this window is exceeded you may be asked to reschedule without a fee. A $15 inconvenience fee will be charged if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours. If you “no-show” you will then owe the full balance for the missed appointment. Also, further scheduling will be suspended until the amount has been paid in full. Please allow yourself a two (2) hour window when booking. Appointment start time may be later than scheduled because of high volume. If your wait time exceeds two (2) hours. You will then qualify for a discounted service. All photography are for promotional use only. By proceeding to book, you fully surrender your rights to any and all images of your likeness. Parking: 9am - 4pm Tuesday - Friday parking will be available in front of the barbershop on Rt.1/Baltimore Ave (Metered 25cent per 30min). After 3:30pm parking will be permitted in the DeMatha HS parking lot (free). On Saturday both options are available for the full day. AVAILABILITY: 10am - 8pm Tuesday - Friday. Saturday 9am - 2pm (may very). Sunday & Monday OFF. ALL AVAILABILITIES ARE AS SHOWN ONLINE THEREFORE MUST BE BOOKED ONLINE. There is a (2 week limit) on